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Classical Music Midi Sites

Andrew Purdam's Page
Classical Midi Archives Midi Contributors List
Classical Midi Connection
Classical Midi Files at Midi World
Classical Midis with Words
Classical Musical Midi Page
Classical Midi Archives
Classical Music Composers
Classical Music Midi Page
Classical Music Symposium
Classical Piano Midi Page
Music for Pianos
The George Pollen Midi Collection
Ragtime Midi Files by Warren Trachtman
Reinhold's Midi Links
Schubert Midi Themes
Stan's Music Page
The Internet Piano Page
The Ultimate Chopin Midi Collection
Ultimate Midi Page...Classical & Religious Midi Links
Classical Midi Files by David Siu
Hans-Joachim Roder's Midi Files
The Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra

Misc Midi Links/Sites

Christmas Year 'Round
Karácsonyi énekek (Hungarian page)
The Christmas Connection at The Classical Midi Connection
Folk Music
Patriotic/Military Midis
Midi File Collection by Prairie Frontier
Ascension Research Center's Midi Selections