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Filedex Image URL Sourcer
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John Cristy's Original Tool

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Take to Net Mechanic

To Mogrify an image, click your preference and "Take to Net Mechanic. You will see your image in various percentages of savings. This tool is also very great if an imaging tool rejects your image, saying it is not a true gif, will MAKE it true.

~This script will take your image URL directly to Gifworks, and load automatically if you came her directly from your image.~

The I-VEX by PROTOTYPE-1 is not the average cropping tool.
It _IS_ easy to use, however...
and it DOES crop anyway you want it to, rather than just rectangles.
You can take an unanimated gif a jpg you made to a gif...
and literally CUT something out of it. In his example, PROTOTYPE-1
has cut an airplane out of a gif picture~!
I love this tool. There was a certain flower I wanted
from a pic and it was so easy to click click click all the way around it~!
~=~Click Here for The I-VEX~=~

~Click the red cursor in the text area.
~Then ccp your image's URL that is showing here
(if you came here directly from the image.)
When you click the MyImager button, it will take you to the open image page,
where you can paste the url in.~

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